I work with photography, performance and installation, focusing my practice on representing mental and emotional states.

Living with bipolar disorder has influenced and driven my most recent works. I resist stereotypical representations of mental illness. Avoiding the use of culturally agreed signifiers of mental illness, I make emotive work that a non-sufferer can relate to- changing feelings of fear into understanding.

Performance is essential to my work; it allows me to physically expel the uncertainty and flux of my illness. Performing to camera, I construct images. Using black and white chemical photography,  I exploit the attributes and behaviour of that medium to become a part of the performance. This builds in to forms of presentation that make immaterial emotions and ethereal moods in to something physical.

I use my practice as a therapeutic tool that examines thoughts and feelings, but also functions as arts activism. I hope in the future, my work will encourage other artists with mental illness or disabilities to try a more experimental approach to representing their struggles.